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Acupuncture FAQ

  • What does a visit cost? Self pay rates with TOS (Time of Service) Discount when not filing a claim with insurance (Cost is depending on complication of condition and services done) determined by practitioner

    • First Visit = ~$115 - $150 

    • Follow Up Visits = ~$80- $90 

    • Limited Initial Visit = ~$45

    • Limited Follow Ups = ~$65

    • Herbal Consultations

      • 30 min (new patient) ~$70     (returning patient) ~$50

      • 45 min  (new patient) ~$107     (returning patient) ~$71

  • How many visits will I need?

    • Acute conditions (less than 3 months) will require less time to bring the body back into balance. We recommended 2 appointments per week until condition resolves, usually 4-6 weeks. Chronic conditions will require more time and a period of maintenance to keep the body in optimal condition. A typical schedule can look like this: 2 x week for 4-6 weeks; 1 x week for a month; every two weeks for a month; then monthly maintenance.

  • Does it hurt?

    • The short answer is no. We use fine, hair-thin sterilized needles placed superficially into the muscle layers of the skin. Unlike blood draws or shots, we are not puncturing into the veins or inserting substances into your body. Most patients report no more than a brief pin-prick sensation, followed by a  period of deep relaxation. We use many different styles of acupuncture so if you do experience any pain during your treatments please let your practitioner know as soon as possible--we will adjust the type and style of needling to your preference.

  • What if I just don't like needles?

    • TCM has many branches of medicine, and acupuncture is just one. We also prescribe herbal medicine, teach basic qi gong (breath work) and provide nutritional advice as part of your treatment plan. Oftentimes using herbal medicines and making a few small changes to lifestyle and diet will keep your body in balance and pain-free.

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