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Frequently Asked Questions

  1. How long are your massages?

    • Each massage is scheduled for an additional 15 minutes.  We do this so when you book a 60-minute massage, you get your full 60 minutes.  We like that extra buffer between appointments so that you don't have to rush​ off the table and you get what you pay for.

  2. What is the cost of my massage?

    • We have great rates on all of our services.  Your first visit with us we offer you our "member price" for your massage, which is $85.  After your first visit, you have the option of joining our monthly wellness club to keep that member price.  This is a great option to help you come in more regularly.  If you prefer to just pay as you go, our non-member rate for a 60-minute massage is $105.  You can find more pricing detail here.

  3. How much should I tip?

    • Typically our clients like to tip based on a couple of things.  One, quality of service.  Two, the price of the massage.  Like at a restaurant where you might be getting a discount, the tip should be based on the full price of service and in the 15%-20% range for satisfactory service.

  4. What should I expect before, during and after my session?

    • Before your session​, arrive about 10 minutes early so you can begin your relaxation process in our waiting area.  Please keep in mind that your appointment time is the time we are striving to have you on the table ready for your session to begin.  Your therapist will have a brief pre-massage interview to find out a bit about what you're are looking for and the style and pressure of massage that you prefer.

      • During this pre-massage interview, you can let your therapist know if you are interested in any of our upgrades.  We have a few choices for you to make your massage extra amazing.

        • You can find them here in the Five for $5 Upgrade section.

      • Your therapist will then leave the room to give you time and privacy to undress to your comfort level and get on the table under the draping sheet and blanket.

    • During your session: Your therapist will give you a little time, then knock on the door to make sure you are ready for them to enter the room. They will prepare the cream and start the massage on the areas that you discussed prior to the start of the session.

    • After your session​, your therapist will conclude the massage and let you know to meet them in the lobby.  There are tip slips in the room.  If you would like our front desk to run a tip for your therapist, fill out this slip and leave in the room.  Your therapist will drop the slip off at the front desk at the end of their shift. You can visit the front desk to re-book your next session or you can book online at your convenience.

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