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You Deserve to Feel Great!

Our membership program is the easiest way for individuals to maximize the therapies we offer. Wellness Club members are not bound by a contract and can cancel their membership at any time. Unlike other massage facilities, we do not charge for the full year upfront.


The 1st of every month your credit card will be billed in the amount of $85. Some membership specifics include:

  • One 60 minute massage during the month

  • Massages that aren’t used can be carried over – up to 6 months

  • We also allow unsused massage credits to be gifted and shared

  • Appointments are scheduled with 15-minute breaks between sessions to allow our guests time to dress and transition back to the day.

  • All unused massages expire when the contract is terminated


Round Rock Health and Wellness is proud to offer our clients exclusive membership to our Wellness Club. Our highly trained therapists are proud to serve you to relieve any soreness, stiffness, and pain you may be feeling due to strenuous exercise, injury, or daily living.

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