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Chiropractic focuses on examining the body as a whole. We examine the spine to see if there is any interference on the nerves by misalignments on the spine. The goal is to reduce pain and improve a patient's mobility and functionality. Our Chiropractic Doctors are always expanding their knowledge and expertise to offer the most effective chiropractic care for Round Rock and Austin area patients. They focus on complicated pain issues and orthopedic conditions, and are dedicated and focused on identifying the source of pain in your body to bring it back into balance.Our Chiropractors offer the following services:

  • Routine Adjustments

  • Rehab Chiropractic

  • Sports Chiropractic

  • Functional Medicine

  • Pregnancy and Post-Pregnancy Chiropractic

  • Preventative Spine Care

  • Core Stabilization

  • Postural Training and Rehab

  • Neuro-muscular Re-education


We use a variety of techniques for the optimal results for your spinal health:

Diversified - This is probably the most common technique performed by Chiropractors. It involves varioius manual maneuvers that realign the joints and spine. This is also referred to as the High-Velocity Low Amplitude Thrust (HVLA).

Activator - This is the use of a small hand held device that creates gentle impulses. The device is held against the skin to massage muscles, tendons and ligaments.

Thompson - The Thompson Technique utilizes a drop table to assist in enforcing realignment. Patients will either lay on their back, stomach or side on top of the table during this technique.

Kinesio Taping - Breathable tape is often used to restrict or comfort muscles. Taping can provide extra support to a mother's core.

Therapeutic exercise - a variety of movements that help to restore and build physical strength, endurance, power, and flexibility. The goal is to progressively load injured tissues to return our patients to a pain-free, fully functioning state.

Manual Traction - this combines the use of a motorized table and manual adjustments performed by the Chiropractor. The table creates gentle rhythmic motions that help realign the spine while providing you with comfort and healing.

Vibracussor - a handheld instrument that aids your chiropractor in performing adjustments with impulses deep into the tissues of the body, helping break up fascial restrictions (scar tissue) while also improving circulation and healing.

Arthrostim - a unique chiropractic instrument in that can supplement or replace chiropractic spinal adjustments, providing targeted pain relief treatments in specific areas that need more attention than a spinal adjustment can give, or serving as an independent pain relief technology.

Webster Technique - a gentle chiropractic adjustment that aligns the pelvis and includes a soft tissue release of associated muscle groups. It allows the pelvis to function properly during pregnancy. The technique reduces soft tissue tension that may cause uterine torsion which allows for an ideal environment for the baby to grow and move. Webster’s technique is helpful in providing relief for common lower back and sciatic pains that pregnant women often experience. This method is a 2-part adjustment that restores function and alignment in the pelvis. This creates more freedom for the baby to move around and turn.

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