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Zach Cline, LMT


Zach is a holistic health practitioner, coach, and therapist. Born in Raleigh, NC, he grew up playing a variety of sports and was heavily involved in exercise for sports performance, as well as nutrition. While playing ice hockey and attending NC State University, Zach began to find that pain, performance, and mental/emotional issues were worsening as time went on. He discovered the CHEK Institute along with other practices (such as Neurosomatic Therapy) that taught him to overcome many of the challenges he was dealing with, and in the process changed career paths to become a holistic health professional. Currently, Zach coaches others using practices in integrative massage therapy (NST), nutrition and lifestyle, exercise kinesiology, and personal development to help them overcome and find balance in their own challenges. In his free time he loves to exercise, cook, go outdoors, meditate, and explore creative projects such as art, podcasting and comedy.

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