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Skin Is In

Acupuncture provides a great alternative to Botox to rejuvenate the face. The insertion of very small needles into the face induces a micro-trauma that increases collagen and elastin. Acupuncture moisturizes the face from the inside out by increasing circulation to soften the texture, decrease the appearance of fine lines and leaves the skin with a soft dewy glow by bringing blood to the surface. Botox paralyzes the underlying musculature to smooth the skin. Facial Acupuncture has a longer lasting natural anti aging effect because of its powerful regenerative influence. Each treatment builds on the prior treatment to build a collagen matrix that restores and revives a youthful appearance.

Beautification and healing often come together. Feeling healthy, energetic and alive can be seen in a persons Shen. Shen in Chinese Medicine is referring to a person’s spirit as reflected in their eyes and complexion. The brightest Shen emanates from the harmony revealed from the inside out. A facial acupuncture treatment also includes a balancing of the entire internal terrain individualistically. A persons tongue, pulse and symptoms can reveal imbalances that can be shifted through body acupuncture. Facial rejuvenation acupuncture techniques always include balancing of the entire body to fully enliven the Shen.

Combining a course of facial acupuncture with a holistic facial can bring about a dramatic youth enhancement to the face. A facial is a skin care treatment for your face with the goal of exfoliating your skin, removing impurities, and dead skin. This affects the skin from the outside in by removing debris and build up that otherwise block or inhibit circulation and blood flow. Once the dead skin cells have been removed, the skin naturally can absorb the products intended to soften and refresh and allows them to work even better.

Combining these two practices affects appearance to the outside world. Side by side these provide the ultimate feeling of beauty and natural adornment with a self sustained glow because it is reconstructive.

These self care techniques breath new life into aging skin as opposed to the disabling effects of Botox.

Facial acupuncture works at 4 different levels for all ages: prevention, maintenance, corrective and restorative care.

At Round Rock Health and Wellness acupuncturist Carissa Kelly provides the care your skin needs and craves.

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