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  • Dr. Kunika Bharodia, LAc, MAOM, DACM

Poop Insights! Questions Answered through TCM

Q: How many bowel movements are normal for a person?

A: Normally, 1-2 bowel movements daily is normal as long as the person does not have to strain and the bowels are well formed.

Q: What are "Normal" bowels?

A: Absence of :

  • foul (fishy, rotten) smell,

  • discomfort while defecating,

  • blood or pus,

  • undigested food

  • dry, hard, lumpy bowels

  • straining

Q: What Causes Constipation?


● Not drinking enough fluids

● Lack of fruits and vegetables in diet

● Irregular diet

● Lack of exercise

● Certain medications

● Changes in regular routine

● GI issues / underlying health issues