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Does Acupuncture Work?

Even though the practice of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) has been known and studies for over 3,000 years, for many people in America Acupuncture is a new and foreign concept. That was me 15 years ago. I started my journey into natural health with a visit to an herbalist. This opened a whole new world to me. Before I was introduced to plants and food as medicine all I knew was the traditional western model of prescriptions and surgery.

After using plants as medicine for about 6 years I had a wild thought one day. I had heard about Acupuncture, but I knew nothing about it specifically. I decided that the next health issue I needed to address I would try acupuncture. Low and behold, a couple months later I experience a skin flare up on my face. I had an "angry" rash that burned and I couldn't get it to calm down.

I asked around and got the name and number of a recommended practitioner. When I went to see him we had a brief conversation about my health history and then he looked at my to

ngue and took my wrist pulse. He had me lie on the table and he put some needles in, left the room and then came back a little while later. After the treatment he prescribed me some Chinese herbs and I went home. Within 48 hours of the treatment and taking the herbs the rash was mostly gone. I was amazed and hooked. This was an acute condition for more me, so the fix was pretty quick.

The next issue I sought treatment for was a little more complicated. Miscarriages. Darin and I were trying to have our second child. It took several months to conceive our first child, and this time around we were able to get pregnant, I just couldn't stay pregnant. I had 4 early miscarriages. We were sad and frustrated so I decided to try acupuncture again. Because this was a more complicated issue and had to do with certain systems being REALLY out of balance, this treatment plan was longer and more frequent.

I initially went 2-3 times per week and after we were pregnant and things were beginning to get re-balanced we backed off to once a week, then once every other week to maintain.

There have been many other times through the years that my family members or I have used TCM for healing. I am a HUGE fan and encourage everyone to give it a try. Unfortunately, most of us are really out of whack and it will take more than one session to get you back on track. Give it some time, it really does work.

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