Thank you so much

... to all of our amazing and loyal clients.  We have had the community and success that we have had the past 16.5 years because of each of you.  Our therapist can not wait to be able to see you again.  They will be rested and ready to work out all the stress and tension that you have accumulated over the past several week.

With the uncertainty of the future freedom to freely roam and pursue each of our interests, we wanted to give you some options for your May memberships.  Please complete the form below so we know what to do with your membership draw for May.

Many of you have generously requested that your memberships continue to be billed and applied to the therapists as they are unable to work.  You have the option to indicated that below as one of your options.

Membership Options
for May 2020

Please take the time to fill out the information below.

The first page will be your contact information 

The second page will be to register your choice

for your May membership charges.

We are all looking forward to see you again very soon.

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