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About Us

Our Practitioners are Here to Serve You on Your Path to Health and Wellness

Please see the TCM practitioner profiles below to learn a bit more about our staff. 




We love our practitioners and they love their work.  Each of our practitioners are unique and have their own style and strengths.  Give them all a try to find your best fit or to get a variety of expert opinions on how to best help.




Ally was born in Taiwan Taipei. After working in financial industry several years, she found her body has serious endocrine problems and must do surgery to remove her adrenal gland. From that time, she realized there is nothing more important than good health. She started to study in Traditional Chinese Medicine and explore alternative treatment modalities. She earned her M.S. degree of Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine at Texas Health and Science University here in Austin.


Alex is a second generation South Korean. After graduating from the University of Texas at Arlington with a biology degree, he spent some time shadowing a variety of medical doctors to help decide what way he wanted to go with furthering his education. Through this experience he realized that the current healthcare system in America has less focus on patient care and getting to the root of the issue and more about the business end of the practices.


After researching various types of modalities of healing, Alex realized that Traditional Chinese Medicine, also known as Acupuncture, gave him the freedom to compassionately care for patients the way thought was best.