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Getting you back to your optimal health

If you’re feeling stuck, or simply feel like learning something new about yourself, YOUR ROUND ROCK HEALTH & WELLNESS CENTER offers several programs for clients from all industries and backgrounds. Take a look at our offerings right here to learn more.

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Health Coaching Can Help

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Meet Our Coach


Hello! My name is Laynee and I am a Holistic Lifestyle Coach! I help you balance the imbalances in your life that might be making the process of achieving your dream/goals more difficult. I am here to bring to light how your mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual bodies all affect each other. An excess or deficiency in one system will cause a shift in the other bodies. 

I am very passionate about educating and empowering people about how they can increases their health and wellbeing. On my off time I enjoy doing yoga, hiking, meditation, baking, and art! I live, eat, and breath the holistic lifestyle. What I teach is what I practice myself! 

Services and Pricing

Initial In-Depth Consultation: $150

This is where we get to know each other. I want to know what symptoms are going on in your present life, you're past health history, and what you are looking to achieve moving forward. Even if you don't have a future goal in mind, we will work together to help define that more clearly for you.


I have specialized forms that will help identify what area in your life has the highest stress input and what needs to be focused on first. Having all this information will allow me to assess your situation and not guess when looking for remedies! 

Follow Up Coaching Visits: $100

Sessions following a consultation will be individualized by the client, their needs, and their specific goal. I go over nutrition, hydration, sleep, exercise, mindset, and how you breath! I want you to get to know your unique body and how it needs to be treated differently than others around you.


Knowing how to eat, drink, move, and breath properly increases your health and vitality. Just by starting with the basics you will see a difference in your energy and mood. Understanding how to listen to your body is the foundation we build off of so you're fully supported in accomplishing your dreams.


I am here to help guide you in the right direction, offer support, and be the accountability throughout your health journey! Together we will come up with some weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly goals depending on your desired timeline. These goals are created by you and what you're willing/wanting to do.


In some sessions, I might advise that we do a hands on activity, teach you how to meditate, show you what stretches your body needs, or do a movement that increases healing energy in a specific area of the body. Again, this is all dependent on the person and their dream. I will only educate or do an activity with you if it has a meaningful purpose in your unique life. 

Free 10 Min Consultation Via Phone

Brief Introductory Consultation $40

Come in to meet your coach and get a general overview of what to expect.  If you click and it sounds like what you are looking for we can schedule a detailed consultation.


3 Month Coaching Intensive

Okay!  You've met your coach and this sounds like a great fit and your ready to commit to the process.  Take advantage of our package price discount.  You can pay it all up front or make 3 equal monthly payments.

Initial Consultation plus 11 weekly coaching visits for $875 

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