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Frequently Asked Questions

Do your doctors see children?

   Yes, our doctors are ICPA and pediatric trained.​

Are your doctors Webster certified?
   Yes, our doctors are trained in prenatal care.

Do the doctors do craniosacral therapy?

   Yes, our doctors work with plagiocephaly (flat head) & torticollis (neck tilt).
What services do you provide?
   Therapeutic exercises to rehab the cervical and lumbar spine. Mechanical traction to rehydrate the lumbar discs. Manual and activator adjustments as needed. Percussion prior to the adjustment to loosen the soft tissue using a soft attachment pad for pediatrics. Use of the Arthrostim prior to the adjustment to reduce stiffness and promote mobility.
Do you have pregnancy pillows to lay on my stomach?
   Yes, we do
Do you take my insurance?
We are in network with BlueCross BlueShield, United Healthcare and Aetna.
Do you help with sick children/allergies?
   Yes, being adjusted can boost the immune system and we have had great success in treating allergies.
What techniques do the doctors use?
   Diversified (manual adjustments as needed)
   Thompson (table drops)
   S.O.T. blocks
   Webster (can help flip breech babies)
   Activator (more specific and gentle adjustments for cervical spine, pelvis, children/babies)
Do you work with people/kids who have special needs?
   Yes, we do
Do you work with people/kids who have mental health conditions?
   Yes, we do

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